Dear Team Members,

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of 2015! This year is flying by, and for each of us, we are sure there have been good times and also sad times! How thankful we are to know our hope is in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and not our circumstances.

Having turned 71 in October, I had to laugh when on TV they were talking about an elderly person and said her age was 71. So guess I have joined the ranks of the elderly! Guess Charlie will have to wait a few months before he is elderly Smile.


This week has been an extremely busy one preparing for and having a Thanksgiving banquet on Tuesday night for our students, their families, the teachers and their helpers who teach English as a second language. What an encouraging time celebrating with so many Nationalities!! We trust each person was drawn closer to the Lord through the program that night, and the classes they attend. Please continue to pray for these students and the staff involved in this course.

Last Thursday night we were able to attend the “Celebrate Life Benefit Banquet” put on by the Sanford and Oviedo Crisis Pregnancy Center. We think there were around 250 people there. What an eye opener it was for us, as we heard testimonies of lives giving thanks for the help they received from this organization that lifts up our Savior and the precious gift of life.

Thank you for praying for the Bible Study Prison Ministry. It appears that the number of inmates doing the Bible Studies is slowly increasing. Please continue to pray!

I recently had an endoscopy to check out a stomach problem I have been having due to some of the some strong arthritis medications I have been on causing ulcers. The doctor also did some biopsies and they came back benign for which I am thankful. Since then one of the medicines has been adjusted which should help Smile

Pleased share any prayer requests you have, so we can also more effectively pray for you!

It won’t be long before Thanksgiving Day will be upon us! We give thanks for the Head of our Team, our Lord Jesus Christ, and for you dear folk being part of that Team. We trust Him to be your constant encouragement.

Because of Jesus,

Charlie & Cherrie