Dear Team Members,

Greetings from cold Florida! Sure is changeable weather! At least God is not changeable and for that we are thankful. His love is constant and sure!

We had such a lovely day on Saturday. Charlie’s cousin Andrea and her husband Howie, moved to Ocala, Florida, about an hour and a half from us, and they came over for the day. We talked and looked over old photos, and laughed and laughed!

Cherrie saw her back surgeon last Thursday for a follow up appointment. She is still having problems with pain and inflammation in her hips and legs. The operation in some ways was a success, but not totally. This Friday she is seeing another doctor who will check out her hips, and possibly be able to help with the inflammation and pain. She would appreciate your continued prayers.

Our daughter Esther’s baby, DiMaggio, has had two bouts of croup with visits to emergency care for help. Being on steroids is not the best but does help. It is a scary experience, so know that she and her husband Ricky would appreciate your prayers as changeable weather has started!

We are really enjoying being involved as volunteers with teaching English as a second language as an outreach. On Tuesday nights Charlie is teaching literacy and Cherrie helps with teaching English. On Wednesday mornings Charlie teaches English. Cherrie helps correct Bible Study Lessons on Wednesday mornings that inmates at a local prison do.

Tuesday night we had an Autumn Banquet for the ESL students and their families where students and staff brought their favorite food from their home country. There were 151 students and family members there, and 39 staff and their families. We expect there were more who did not sign in. Preparations and the whole evening program went so smoothly. Thank you for praying for all the staff and students as we seek to be a blessing and also share the Lord with them as opportunities arise.
In closing we will share some comments that two of the prisoners sent to the Chaplain and graders:
Ashley (John 15:1-27) “If I would stop trying to solve my problems and let God do His thing and I study the Word more, then God will cut and prune my life to a beautiful tree.
Ashley (John 17-26) Reading this just gives me a joy and confusion at the same time. Joy that Jesus did what He did so that I may have everlasting life and confused as to why someone I never met would go through what He did for me!! Thank you Jesus!!”
Brian writes: “Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Graders,
Today I finished my last Bible Study Lesson and submitted it for grading. I wanted to say thank you for your time and dedication to us!
I have learned so much through this study and through the comments and verses you have sent back on my exams. Chaplian Cawthon and you Graders have been a huge part of my growth in Christ and I cannot say how much that means to me, THANKS AGAIN!”

We want to thank you for being part of our Team by your love, care, and prayers as we continue to try and be used of the Lord where He has planted us! God Bless you so much!

Laborers Together with the Lord,

Charlie & Cherrie