Dear Friends of the Koppens and Indian Bible College,

· A 13-hour trip to Denver on Saturday & 11.5-hour trip to Flagstaff Sunday afternoon/evening
· 7:00AM Saturday to 2:00AM Monday
· 1600 miles in one weekend
· 6 people in a minivan
· November 8-9

What do all the above numbers have to do with each other? A weekend trip taking four students and a child to and from Denver just to speak in a worship service of a partnering church! Why do all this? Because we are committed to being relational and saying “thank you!” as meaningfully as we can.

Four students shared their testimonies with this church that scholarships them. One Navajo lady was in the congregation, and her response on Facebook was:

“I absolutely Loved the heartfelt, genuine testimonials of our Navajo and Tewa, Natives whose lives have been transformed as they are building personal relationships with our Savior; Possibilities are truly endless through God!! I was so inspired and encouraged by these IBC students! I can see and feel how Christ is doing miracles in these lives. May God continue to be their guide.”

Please pray for us that we will work on relationships both internally (between staff, students, and board) and externally (with ministry partners and other Native ministries).

· 11 Standards of excellence
· 2 days of non-stop meetings 2nd year in a row
· 3 year plan
· $3500 approximate cost
· November 17-18

What do all these numbers have to do with each other? Our accreditation visit from the Director of Accreditation for the Association for Biblical Higher Education! As you know, we are in the first stage of accreditation (“Applicant”) and are trying to move through this stage at an accelerated pace of three years. This means that in the next 10 months we need to write our 200-page self-study document. This visit was to help us prepare for the next steps. After the visit this was the informal response of our evaluator, Dr. Ron Kroll:

“I think you have made very good progress during the past year. Another year of strong finances, the additional personnel, acquisition of your admin. building are all notable accomplishments. I will have notes on minor things in the CSR report, but you are certainly on target with what you are doing.”

Please continue to pray for us as we pursue accreditation and training that is both excellent and transformational for our Native students.

Please pray for a difficult staff issue that I am dealing with this week and also for the 20+ people (mostly students) we are having over to our house Thursday for a Thanksgiving feast.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and financial support! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Dr. Jason Koppen