Dear Team Members,

The time is soon at hand for us to make our way back home to Australia to see our son Ben and his family living there and visit co-workers and friends. In our minds our arrival in February 1973 seems only yesterday! BUT of course our bodies tell us otherwise, especially now that we have two great-grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the part you have in our lives. God bless each of you so much!

We start driving to Kansas on November 13th to see our son Ray and his family and of course our newest great-grandchild who we have not yet seen. Our daughter Esther and family live in Poughkeepsie, New York, so our children are spread around the world. We are thankful that Esther’s pregnancy is going well! Recently she has had a BAD cold so know she would appreciate your prayers for good health these days. She is due mid-May.


From Kansas we fly to Australia on November 25th returning to Kansas on February 28th. We will visit our son Ray and his family again before heading back to Florida. It will be shock to our system as it will be summer in Australia and deep winter in Kansas when we get back there!

As many of you would be aware, there have been horrendous forest fires in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia. That is around the area where our son Ben lives. Thankfully they have kept safe. One family from the church they go to had their home destroyed -around 200 homes have been destroyed and one helicopter fire fighter lost his life. The fires have been the worst in many years. High temperatures, dry undergrowth, and high winds have not helped – plus some were deliberately set.

Retirement does not mean there is nothing to do. In fact it seems we are busier than ever! Charlie continues to help our Chaplain here as needed. He also helps the Business Advisor who took over from Charlie, and notarizes paper work when needed. He loves teaching our adult Sunday school class at Victory Baptist Church, and sharing at times here in our morning chapel. I am enjoying being involved in a prison ministry on Wednesday mornings correcting their Bible study papers, and reaching out to those the Lord brings our way. We would both appreciate your prayers as we have a lot on our plates as we prepare for this long trip and are very tired. Cherrie’s heart has been acting up some (usually it has been quite good), plus her low back and legs will find the long trip not the best!

Many of our retirees have been unwell lately. It is not easy seeing them failing in health!

We are encouraged with the progress on our new chapel! A number of our “Snowbirds” or “Royal Volunteers” have started to arrive for the winter months. What a blessing it is to have them share their lives and skills with us here. We have a section of our property set up to accommodate RVs for our volunteers so it is great to see the spaces filling up! Please be praying for safety as they travel from around the USA and Canada, and for physical safety as they volunteer here.

Thank you so much for being part of our lives as we reach out to those around us day by day.

We trust each of you in the USA have a blessed Thanksgiving Day giving THANKS for the GREAT GOD and SAVIOR we have!

God Bless you so much!

With Love from us Cases beginning to live out of cases again!

Charlie & Cherrie