Fulltime staff and faculty 2013


We are feverishly working on the school newsletter, hoping to have it to you within a week or two. In the meantime, thought I’d better drop you a quick update. It’s time for bed, but, here goes (hope this makes at least some sense!!)…

Fall conference went well. It was great to hear from the alumni who spoke and a real encouragement to know they are standing firm for the Lord. By the way, in order to satisfy accreditation requirements we recently figured out what percentage of our graduates continue to serve the Lord and make use of their training. We are far above the norm with 82% of IBC graduates actively making use of their training Thank God!!

Practical Ministry Writing is almost over. The students are working on a yearbook as their final project. Third term begins on November 11. I won’t be teaching anything new but continuing with Study Habits, two piano students, two guitar students, and one voice student, in addition to Introduction to Christian Education. I’ve really enjoyed teaching Intro. to Christian Education with several students from the community. Their enthusiasm is refreshing. This week I illustrated story telling, one of my favorite methods.

November 8 is “Serve Day”. The students will be going out into the surrounding community to serve. It’s usually a good break from studies and provides an opportunity for us to be more visible.

Please continue to keep praying for wisdom for the Board and Administration as they investigate the possibility of acquiring more property for expansion.

Please also continue to pray for wisdom for me as a mentor and teacher. No news on a move or purchase of a lot. Perhaps this is not the Lord’s timing, or perhaps He wants me to stay right where I am till He takes me home. Either way, I’m content.

Thank you again for all you do. You are appreciated!! Enjoy the photos!


Favorite time of the week—Thursday lunches provided by community supporters

IBC Volleyball Team