Dear Team Members,

Greetings from us Cases living out of cases! Your prayers have meant so much!!!!!!!!!! We have gone from around 85 to 24 degrees Fahrenheit and what a shock it has been! At present, possibly from sitting so much, we are having some back problems, and Cherrie is having difficulty with light-headedness.  So we appreciate your continued prayers, not only for us, but for our daughter Esther who has been having migraine headaches, for our daughter-in-law Janelle as she recuperates from back surgery (she is coming along really well- thank you for praying). 


Please be praying for Esther’s husband Ricky’s father Danny and Linda, who live in the New York area.  Their basement apartment was flooded during Hurricane Sandy and they have lost everything! PLEASE be praying for them at this VERY difficult time.  The area looks like a war zone. We are safe and sound – just saw some wind and rain when we were in the Detroit area, but not real bad.  Friday morning we saw our first snow coming down!  Then on Saturday afternoon when we arrived in Durham, Ontario, it started snowing for a while!

This update comes from Durham, Ontario Canada where we started our missionary training back in August of 1969.  WOW that is 43 years ago!  Time sure does fly!!!!!  So far on this retirement trip to see the churches and folk that are part of our team, we have traveled just over 6000 miles and seen parts of America we have never seen before.  The landscape has been awesome from prairie land to mountains and canyons, from armadillos to buffalos, from drought to Hurricane Sandy, from warm Florida to below freezing weather!  REALLY though, the HIGHLIGHTS have been seeing so many family, supporters, and friends! God is SOOOOO GOOD and we thank Him for being able to spend time with folk He has brought into our lives over the years.  Wish we could have seen more folk, but humanly we have not been able to do that.  We certainly appreciate your prayers for the days and weeks ahead as we head east, and in the New Year head south eventually home to Sanford, Florida. Up until the end of December, any mail can be sent to the address listed at the end of this update which some may call a journal!

Continue to pray for Chuck and Darlene Marshall who have taken over our responsibilities as Business Advisor and Secretary at NTM Homes.  We are so thankful for them, and trust the Lord to help them each day as there are so many facets to the job.  Glad we have cell phones in case they need to phone us.  While we are in Canada, though, we can’t use our cell phones – just have email access most of the time.  We leave Canada for New York on November 13th or 14th.

Not sure if there is anyone who could help us with this request:  We know a German lady in Florida who would love a German Bible.  We are aware that God’s Word is easier to understand in one’s mother tongue.  If anyone has an extra one they are not using, she sure would love it.  We are happy to pay for the postage.  If anyone can help, let us know and we will let you know where to send it.

We are so grateful for the part you have in our lives.  God bless you so much.
Because of His Love,

Charlie & Cherrie

You all know me (Cherrie)!  I love to jot down things while we travel:

A song that was such a blessing went like this:

“Rolled away – the stone was rolled away.  The victory was won!  The victory’s been won through Jesus God’s Son!”

Clouds: I love to look at clouds!

Clouds create shadows on the ground which distorts our perspective preventing a clear view of what is ahead.  God’s Son gives up hope to see beyond the darkness or unknown and see the silver lining.

Signs on hills – we kept looking for real live buffalos but all we saw were two signs and I would say to Charlie:

   “Is it a Buffalo?

   Is it real?

   Is it a just sign?”

   Until we get close to God through His Word –

             We don’t see clearly!


While were visiting friends in London, Ontario, Doris asked if I would like a cup of tea?  Charlie piped up saying he could dip his finger in the hot water so I could have herb tea :o) His middle name is Herbert!  That’s my husband – never a dull moment!!!!!!