“I hope I can keep ahead of her,” I thought as Sarah’s lesson time approached. Although I only have five music students this semester, they are all practicing and progressing, unlike sometimes. One student is fighting tooth and nail to learn piano, and though it has not come easy for her, she has kept at it and consistently practiced. What a joy to work with her!

Sarah takes guitar lessons. She already has a background in piano and has a beautiful voice. I’ve brought out books and materials that I haven’t touched in years in order to keep her engaged, and this is only her first semester! Sarah is also in my Spiritual Formation group, for which I am grateful. She’s a beautiful woman inside and out.

Thank you for praying for the fall conference.


Craig’s messages were very thought-provoking. Several students shared how he had ministered to them specifically. Craig’s insights on suffering were especially poignant being spoken from the platform of his wheel chair. He and his wife were involved in a horrific car accident about 4 years ago and their lives have been forever changed physically as well as spiritually.


Fall newsletter


You should have received the fall newsletter by this time, or will shortly. The insert with all the student photos and prayer requests was put together by another one of the women in my Spiritual Formation group, Mary Lola. She’s another jewel!

One of the highlights for me personally this past month was a three-day backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon with five other women from my church. On the way out I was humbled by the level of difficulty I experienced with arthritis in my hips. I’m used to being the strong one… Good reminder of my own frailty and vulnerability.

The History of North America Class begins on Tuesday. I didn’t get to do all the preparation I had hoped. Please pray that the Lord would guide in what we cover and in how we approach such sensitive subjects as the defeat of Native peoples. May God use it to produce reconciliation and forgiveness rather than stirring up bitterness and resentment.

Thank you again for standing so faithfully with me. I am blessed to have you as a part of my team. Thank you for praying for the students in the newsletter as well. Let me know if I can pray for you.