Dear friends,

Our trip last year to Guatemala was extraordinary. We were able to help 119 families make their homes safer. Caleb and I are planning to serve on the Stove Team again. Our church, Hope Covenant is sending a 8th Stove Team, January 19-29, 2013. This year the team will have 20 members and we are planning on completing 140 homes.

For centuries the indigenous population, the Mayan, have cooked their meals using open flames on the floors of their one room homes. This traditional method of cooking is the cause of rampant medical and environmental problems throughout Guatemala.

Our partner HELPS International, ( is a charitable foundation. HELPS  developed the “ONIL” Stove that minimizes smoke and burns, also reducing wood use by 70%. Eliminating the risk of serious, even fatal burns and the danger of gases from the non-vented wood fires which lead to lung disease.

Each family receives an inside vented stove, an outside large pot stove and a water filter. We also provide anti-parasite medication, two Spanish Bibles at each home and a two tennis balls for the children.

We ask for your prayers for our travels and for the Mayan families receiving the stoves. If you would like to sponsor us with a monetary gift we would be truly grateful. Donations are tax deductible.

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Check out photos from last years trip here.

Thank you,

Sandra and Caleb Theis