Dear friends,

Here are praises and prayer requests for our four initiatives:

September’s accreditation visit

Our ACCREDITATION self-study was turned in to ABHE Monday! It was around 190 pages plus hundreds of pages of supporting documentation! Please pray for favor for the self-study from ABHE so we can proceed with the October 2016 site team visit.

Our work on a master facilities plan is progressing, as is our new Director of Development’s planning to better the ways that we interact with donors and to prepare for the possibility of a capital campaign. And we are thrilled that it looks like, for the first time ever, we will have close to 10 work teams improving our facilities next summer! Ten teams has been our goal for several years. All these things are laying the groundwork for the EXPANSION of our facilities; please pray for the Lord’s guidance and provision in each of these aspects.

Our efforts to address the fatalism and entitlement mentality of the reservations through VOCATIONal training and guidance are continuing to increase. We’ve added a new Life Coaching program, have more students in campus employment than ever before, and are seeing a lot of students involved in Fifth Wind, the entrepreneurial department that helps students sell their own wares. Pray for the Lord to provide a Director of Vocational Development to oversee all of these matters—we really need someone to bring leadership to all this.

A wonderful possibility for an EXTENSION site on the Navajo reservation is in development. We’ve never been able to see on on-going site on the reservation because the churches won’t work together, but the new pastor of one of the larger churches in Tuba City is doing a great job of bringing the churches together in anticipation of seeing an extension site there. Pray for the Lord’s guidance in this!

On a more somber note: One of our students attempted to take his life on Friday night. We praise God that the Lord had the right people in the right place at the right time to keep him from succeeding. Please pray for his recovery and for the protection of the student body during this painful time.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and financial support!

Dr. Jason Koppen