DOD is getting closer!

NRBT3’s Date of Departure is July 28. For three weeks, the team will be touring Germany and Belgium. They’ll be coaching camps and playing basketball in Nuremberg, Lauf, Munich, Antwerp, and Brugge.


Before they go, the team training camp is scheduled for July 25-27. They’ll work on their skills and get to know each other as a team. They won’t just be practicing basketball. When they play games in Europe, at half-time, one of the players will give a testimony. Training camp is a time to get to work on their testimonies as well.

Memories from last year

As the team prepares to leave, they remember back to what made last year memorable. Here are some highlights: 

  • One night they had a huge carnival with a scavenger hunt
  • Zoo party the last night of the trip
  • Host families became like real families
  • Kids accepted Christ

They didn’t just get to play and teach basketball—they did it with a higher purpose.

Praise and Prayer requests

  •  Praise!!! The gear arrived for the trip.
  • Pray the whole team stays healthy.
  • The first camp starts the day after the long, long trip to get to Germany. Pray for the team to not be jet-lagged!
  • Pray for a receptive audience, for God to be working already in the hearts and minds of everybody the team comes in contact with.