Dear Ministry Partners,

Wow, time seems to be flying by.  The school buses in our little village have stopped running telling us that graduation is over and school is out for the summer, even though the cool temperatures are telling us that spring isn’t over just yet.  We have set some flowers out and plan to plant a small vegetable garden sometime this week.

Thanks so much for your prayers for the evangelistic team that went to Oak Tree this past month.  They were on the trail about 5 days stopping at different outreaches on the way.  While in Oak tree they were able to build a small house for the evangelistic team and spend time with the people there.  The team is presently on its way home, and should arrive sometime next week.  So far Paulus’ knee has hung in there so pray that he makes it home okay without any difficulties.

I have been spending a lot of evening hours working together with our Wana coworkers on the initial comprehension check for the Genesis translation.  We are never sure what we might run into.  Last night we were working on the passage 47:23-24 where Joseph tells the Egyptians that he will give them seed for their fields but in return they must give him back 1/5th of the harvest and they could keep the rest.  I then asked if the king got one fifth then how much would they get and they answered 1/4th.   So somehow we are not communicating what we want and now have to figure out where the glitch is.  For sure if these fellows are not understanding the math in this verse the folks in the tribe will not either, so we will have to look for a good way to communicate this to them.  Anyway just a sample of some of the challenges we face as we translate the Scriptures.

In just a couple of weeks we are planning to travel to Ohio to visit family and ministry partners.  This is where Jeanne’s folks were raised and the church that sent them out as missionaries over 60 years ago.  Jeanne, being an MK, didn’t see much of Ohio during her growing up years but this is where her roots are and where many of her family live.  Needless to say we are looking forward to this visit and touching base with everyone once again, and also the opportunity to share what the Lord is doing out in Asia Pacific.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your prayers this past month.  We consider it a privilege to have you as a part of our team and the opportunity to serve together with you to reach out to those in Asia Pacific.


Ed & Jeanne