How would you ever learn to handle money if your mother was a gambler and your dad an alcoholic? Hopefully, you’d catch on in the Personal Finances class at IBC, But if not . . .

One of the students I have had for several years in my Spiritual Formation group in the past is currently struggling to make it on her own. Her classes are completed but one of our support staff has been pouring a lot of time and effort into helping her establish her own business using her art work. Unfortunately, so far, she isn’t making it financially. She is in crisis and needs intervention immediately.

I have not been involved with Spiritual Formation or Life Coaching this semester but, because of the past relationship with this young woman, perhaps I can be of some help in her current predicament. She has been privileged to have a Life Coach, but the Life Coach is on the road right now raising support. Can I be of at least some temporary help? I pray so.

Life at IBC is a cycle of crisis and euphoria. This past week we had to dismiss a student. While we could see if coming, there is always the hope that the student will allow God to intervene and there will be a breakthrough. This makes the second heartbreaking dismissal this semester. Whenever we lose a student, everyone is affected but especially those staff involved directly with Student Life, the individual’s Life Coach, and their Spiritual Formation mentor. WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS!

This month is a busy month with my on-line Columbia International class (Biblical Theology of Mission) starting up tomorrow , promotional events the weekend of the 14th and 15th, third term IBC classes ending the 16th, final exams on the 17th and 18th, graduation preparations the 19th, Student Ministry Showcase on the 20th, and then commencement on the 21st.

Please keep us in prayer!

  • Pray that Satan would be soundly defeated and that the individual I mentioned at the top of the letter would come out of this crisis more wise and with a deeper relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray that the two students who have been dismissed this semester would repent, humble themselves, and seek reconciliation.
  • Pray that God would be honored through all the end-of-the-year activities.
  • Pray that I might be able to get off to a good start on my class (I haven’t been able to access it so far on line) and not get behind.

Bless you for standing with us! As always, I am grateful.