Dear Friends,

We would like to introduce you to one of the Elimbari leaders who is an excellent teacher. His name is Kaupa (cow-pah) Tom. His first wife, Aina (eye-nah) was also in demand as a speaker at ladies’ conference, but was taken home after a bout with cancer. Now, Tom has a new wife; named Dorothy. He and another teacher are teaching a group of youth 3 nights a week. Pray for him, his family and his ministry.


Our first time teaching in the local prison was encouraging. There were about 60 men there and it didn’t appear that they were listening very well, until we got to the questions at the end of each lesson. They knew every answer and gave them with no hesitation. They were listening. Pray that the word will work in their hearts. I’m trying to teach some of the believers from Yagaria (yah-gah-ree-ah) to take over this ministry. One old friend and fellow teacher is Enoch Sofana. He comes and stays with us on Tuesday nights so we can get to the prison on time. He is searching for a couple to teach the female prisoners. Pray for God to raise up a faithful couple.

Joseph Yembe is another zealous teacher. It would take a small booklet to tell you about his ministry. He teaches in the prison in Simbu Province. As a result of changed lives in another prison where he taught formerly, the deputy commissioner wants him to teach in more prisons. He is still a fairly young believer. Since he started teaching in this present prison, he has faced a lot of opposition. His clan got in a fight and hacked up a man with machetes and axes, his son is being treated for some serious mouth cancer and had to withdraw from his university classes for radiation treatments, the bus on which Joseph was a passenger was held up by drunks and the passengers were beaten and had all of their things stolen, etc. Pray for Joseph, his family and ministries.
Kathy has been working in the print shop to help them with completing a huge order they received. She should be done soon. I am still translating volume 7 of our simple English Bible lessons. I’m only at about 12%. Pray for perseverance.

Thank you for your prayers.

Love in Christ,

Jim & Kathy Tanner