Dear Team Members,

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Trust you are having beautiful weather also with NO SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all have a SPECIAL place in our hearts, and we trust the Lord to be your constant encouragement Smile


May 12th is a SPECIAL TIME for our ESL students! That is the night we have a banquet and recognize our students for their endeavors to learn both English and the culture of the country they now live in. Some have found it easier than others, but they have all achieved a lot! I (Cherrie) still remember one student verbally commenting to us teachers “You are our family”! That touched our hearts!!! In some ways that is so true as many are far away from their Mother Country. Some are from China, Laos, Egypt, Brazil, Venezuela, and the list of countries goes on and on! We as teachers and helpers are thankful for the privilege of teaching English as a second language. These classes are on the same schedule as the public school system, so there is a break during the summer time. Please continue to pray for these students, that their hearts will be challenged by the various scripture verses we have been able to share with them each week. Some face real fears of trusting Jesus Christ as their Savior!!!

In recent weeks we have had routine dental and medical appointments. Cherrie had a follow-up appointment with her rheumatologist. He suggested having six sessions of physical therapy to learn special ways to strengthen muscles. These sessions are proving a challenge, as they cause increased pain. In the long run though, we trust they will be a help!

In these days of constantly being bombarding with sad and discouraging news, may each of us look up with thankful hearts to our Savior, and the fact that “HE WON THE BATTLE AT CALVARY” !

We love and appreciate each of you,

Charlie & Cherrie