April gone already??? How can that be?

American tax day was a happily memorable occasion here as I was privileged to attend the Waxe Bible Dedication. It was held in the village of Wenum on the Krosomeri River – a 40 minute plane ride then 2 hours in a banana boat under the scorching Sepik sun. The village reception there was unforgettable as the local ladies pulled us along in their high style celebration “singsing” – decorated with mud, feathers, leaves and flowers, singing & dancing to kundu drums and traditional bamboo flutes – all to show their praise to God for His bringing His Word to them in their own mother tongue! Seeing the Waxe people accepting their copies of their New Testament was ultra-precious. Do be praying for them now that through God’s Word they will continue to grow in their love and knowledge of our Savior, and teach their children to know and love Him too!


Another unexpected opportunity has presented itself for helping out in a community outreach project. One of our missionary families with teenage children has started going to a nearby school twice a week to read to the students. This is seen by the PNG teachers as us helping to teach the children English – the “official” language of PNG (though Melanesian Pidgin English is more the norm.) I’ve been asked to go along to help out. After a little “light” reading (a book on Pompeii) today we started delving into “The Lamb” with a 3rd grade class. This is a children’s book covering the basic truths of God’s Word – our need for the Savior and the Lamb of God being the One sufficient to pay for our sins. Please do be praying as we read this book chapter by chapter to the children over the coming weeks / months.

Though I have not had the chance to do much hospital visitation of late some of your donated linens did make it into the hands of a needy Nakwi family who brought their baby out to be evaluated. Unfortunately the child seems to have cerebral palsy so there is little to nothing that can be done to improve his quality of life. Being able to meet some of their material needs by providing them with sheets and towels was an encouragement to them though. Their thanks (and mine!) come to YOU for sharing and helping them at this difficult time of their family’s lives.

In response to your prayers regarding last month’s requests:

The little I had to do unsupervised in my new realm of responsibility in the finance office early last month went “okay.” Only one worker complained about his pay, and thankfully he took that “heavy” to someone else who actually knew the answer. There’s still lots to learn but tackling the new areas one bunch of billing at a time with Beth back on base to keep tabs on my totals is so helpful. How long she may be gone this summer remains to be seen – probably about 3 weeks from the end of May til mid-June. Starting this fall I’ll need to know the ropes well enough to go it alone. I’ll appreciate your continuing prayers for that!

Our Bible Study group has grown to 9 ladies, 3 toddlers, 1 child + an infant on the way so my little house is bursting at the seams when everyone attends! (Meta’s babysitter was not present when this pic was taken.) We’re into Philippians now. The group is limited to only those ladies who are currently employed with us or who have previously worked here on our mission center. Our goal is to disciple them to the point that those who know our Savior could be leading community Bible studies in the settlements where they live. Since I am not sure
that a couple of them are even saved, the lessons cover a broad spectrum of teaching. Your prayers are always appreciated!

Regarding the Stuart family: I hear only 2nd or 3rd hand reports but it seems Jason and the children continue to do well. Their days “down under” have been a profitable occasion for Jedidiah and Ella Jo to learn their real Australian roots. Picture proof from Facebook shows the kiddos even got to march in the recent ANZAC Day parade – a major event in Oz commemorating the WW1 Australian and New Zealand troops who fought at Gallipoli. Jason has a teacher lined up for his children and they have tickets to return to Wewak early in July! Yeah! It will be so good to have them back! Do please continue to pray for them in all the adjustments still in progress and the transitions yet
to come.

Current prayer needs and matters for praise:

  • There will be 3 more Bible dedications here in our region this month – Malaumanda, Bisorio (revision with Old Testament portions), and Sinow! Praise the Lord with us for His provisions over the many years of people – missionaries and their supporters – who have made it possible for these language groups too, to have New Testaments in their own mother tongue! Pray as the Word is distributed that it will be USED in the local churches and by individual believers to further strengthen them in their relationship to our Lord.
  • Starting in just a few weeks we will have very few missionaries here on our mission center. Please be praying with us as we oversee the needs of the missionaries laboring in the remote locations as well as keeping all the needs of the mission center met.
  • And please continue to pray for laborers! There are numerous language groups in our part of Papua New Guinea still asking for missionaries — but we have no one to send. Perhaps you know someone who is interested ???

As always, my grateful thanks for allowing me to be your representative to God’s people here in PNG. God has a place for each of us in His work around the globe and I am ever appreciative of YOU and YOUR thoughts, prayers and other evidences of support that keep me here.

Thank you so much!

Co-laboring together with you for the King!
Hope Sharp