Thank you so much for responding to my urgent prayer request for the Pine Ridge Reservation and the group from IBC who joined the On Eagle’s Wings Team there this past weekend. What an encouragement to know I can count on you all to rally behind us when we are in need!

There are two weeks of classes to go. Here is a brief schedule of events this month:

Tuesday, May 12: music recital at 10:40 a.m. and year-end BBQ in the evening, as well as final Intro. to Missions (Pathways) class.

Thursday, May 14: Bachelor’s dinner for Bachelor candidates (4 potential Bachelor graduates).

Friday, May 15: Student Ministry Showcase (featuring the creative works of the students).

Saturday, May 16: Alumni breakfast and graduate luncheon (including Bachelor’s, Associate’s, and Certificate’s), culminating in commencement at 2 p.m.

Sunday, May 17: the end of the Pathways coordinator retreat (I won’t be able to attend the first two days but might make the final day) in Flagstaff.

Summer officially starts May 18, in terms of our scheduling. We’ll have reduced office hours (thank God!) and will start working more intensely on the accreditation process. I may be taking a class from Columbia International University on line, sometime this summer, as well.

Prayer requests:

  • That students and staff would finish well.
  • That God would be honored through the end-of-the-year events, and students, staff, and other attendees would be challenged and encouraged.
  • That God would protect prospective students currently in the application process and call out those whom He has chosen.
  • That we might make good progress in the accreditation process this summer.

And, I have to let you know that God has answered our prayers for a Director of Development! Doug and Jan Hanson were accepted to serve in that capacity last Friday! They are experienced cross-cultural missionaries with impressive educational credentials. Lord willing, they will be on site starting in July.

Blessed spring to you all!

Gratefully serving,