May 2014
Spring is here. The wind has been whipping through the pines. Already the ground is powdery dry. May God have mercy and send moisture before the heat descends!

This will be a short update since I plan to see as many of you as possible within the next month or so, but I wanted to give you a brief glimpse into what is happening here. We are about to embark on what may be one of the busiest weeks of the school year, culminating in commencement on Saturday afternoon. The music recital is on Tuesday, followed by an end-of-the-year BBQ that evening. Thursday evening is our 55th anniversary dinner and testimony time especially for the alumni. Friday we’ll have the Bachelor’s luncheon for the one student who is graduating with his four-year degree and in the evening we will have our first ever Student Ministry Showcase at which students will have opportunity to display their gifts and abilities through music, art work, creative writing, and drama. Saturday lunch time we will have a luncheon for all the graduates, including the one-year certificates and associate’s degrees. At 2 p.m. is commencement. We would appreciate your prayers that God would be glorified through all these events.

We were sorry to see 3 students choose to leave campus over the past several weeks rather than submit to discipline. What a privilege it has been, though, to be involved in a community where grace is modeled but where consequences of sin are generally left unmitigated. I am personally very grateful to be a part of this community where second and third chances are allowed when there is a willingness to change as individuals.
I must get to bed. Thank you to all who have responded to my requests for meetings with you. I look forward to interacting with you personally this summer.