Dear ones,

Sometimes we feel like our feet haven’t truly touched the ground in America yet. Our trip to Florida went well except for the new distributor cap that we had to buy. We were glad that we were able to drive it to a garage for the repair.


Dustin James Tanner
Graduation Florida State University

It was wonderful to see Dustin, his friends and of course the rest of Tom and Mel’s family. His graduation was awesome. We were also able to visit our Uncle Jim and Aunt Helen in Huntsville, AL.

The return trip was without mishap except for running over a dead deer that was on the highway (we hope it wasn’t someone in camouflage).

We filled a book order for another Christian bookstore in PNG recently. We’re thankful that the Word is getting out to different parts of the country. While we were at the print shop in N. Ireland, they asked if our simple English lessons for PNG could be made generic enough for the English speaking African nations. We told them that they could be made more generic if they were interested in printing and distributing them. Who ever thought that our lessons might go international?

Two of our other grandchildren, Margie’s daughter, Michelle and Lydia’s son, Joshua will graduate high school this month.

June 22-28, we plan on getting together for a family vacation in Camdenton, MO. We’re still trying to work out the details. We plan on living in Taylors, SC for the months of August and September, then we’ll move back to MI for the cold months (are we nuts?).

Except for being tired from all the traveling, we are fine. Both Grace & Jim got sick on the way home. They got sick in Switzerland.

Love in Christ,

Jim & Kathy

Our granddaughter, Grace Crawford, came to PNG and spent the next 5 weeks with us both there and travelling back together. Here she is with some of the ladies from Elimbari.