Myriad thanks for all your prayers as I’ve finally finished my extended travels for this Home Assignment time! All told it’s been a trouble free 34,000+ miles – well, except for the time dunce that I am FOOLISHLY thought I could drive in the dark, missed a very sharp turn — and “ditched the car.” AAA hauled me out of that dire strait with some residual dents but no catastrophic consequences to the car. My bruised ego is still in recovery.


Thanks to your prayers — our family trip late April was an ultra-precious time – especially getting to see my sister again even though only briefly.

Another highlight – witnessing Hoosier tree lovers hug their 1st BIG tree! God gave us 12 wonder-filled days together – arguments only arising after extended hours in the auto when my brothers tried to deter me from carrying my full share of the load for gas, hotels, food, etc. We were in TOTAL agreement however that we saw way more SNOW than we could possibly appreciate. How blessed I was to have my brothers on hand to drive those slippery legs, especially when chains were required. All I had to do was sit back, “relax” and pray, “God PLEASE get us safely off this mountain!” He always did! And how thankful I am too, for those of YOU who prayed, gave, and helped make that outing a reality!

Also in answer to prayer, my follow-up blood work and Dr. visit ended with the good doctoring stamp of approval. LOTS of oatmeal and putting feet to my good intentions to exercise brought my cholesterol count down nearly 100 points! Dear Doc H. further set my mind at rest assuring me she tells ALL her inquiring patients that bugs found in oatmeal are merely additional protein and won’t add any nasty cholesterol to one’s diet. (Bet you were holding your breath for the research on that!) To top things off – word is in from PNG that oatmeal is indeed available just now so I’m gonna send in my order! No word as to whether it’s the protein enriched variety or not. It has time to acquire that attribute before I arrive.

For that — the countdown is on! Tickets are in hand and 32 days from this writing and I’ll take to the skies! The Kansas City -> Dallas -> Brisbane ->Port Moresby -> Wewak circuit looks to shear 3 hours from the usual 35 hour jaunt so I’m a happy camper – at least as far as the routing is concerned. Leaving never gets any easier though. I’ll appreciate your prayers. Departure doom is admittedly somewhat mollified by dwelling on what I WON’T miss about America – 42 degrees in Missouri in mid-May??? Seriously??? Tropics here I come!

Packing is in high gear with likely 7-8 loaded to the gills action packers of goodies to ship. A good guestimate is that around 70% of the contents are items donated by many of YOU, mostly for use by folks God brings my way in PNG. 6 of the 8 are nearly ready to go. Now to make the minor adaptations to each hinge so that a padlock will fit. This often takes more time than the actual packing – partly cuz I’m wary of cutting off a finger with the box cutter! I will certainly appreciate your prayers as I wallow thru the details of shipping, and as the lot is eventually evaluated by duty officials in PNG. Their formula for calculating customs charges on each item could end in a very large contribution of God’s $$$.


Meanwhile back in the real world of PNG – later this month fellow missionary Jason Stuart is heading in for several days of teaching in a tribe near Iwam land. He’ll fly in via the Samaritan Aviation float plane to land on May River and from there our beloved Iwam — Daniel K — will take him by boat to the neighboring tribe. It’s been several years now since any of us have had a chance to talk one-on-on with Daniel as to what is going on in his life. Won’t you please be praying with us that the time Jason has with Daniel will grant him opportunities for such a visit, and that Daniel will be refreshed and challenged anew in his personal walk with the Lord.

And once back in PNG – the orders are already coming in for printing projects needing to be done. Since no letter from me would be complete without some sort of a list …. Known printing projects so far:

– Compile and print a book of missionary letters and pictures for retiring worker Paula

– Print all translated scripture portions for Hewa – a MASSIVE book!

– Finish formatting and reprint sets of Bible Lessons for the May River Iwam

Yep. It will be great to be back in the saddle again!

I will hope to have one more stateside update coming your way before fly-out day but please don’t hold me to it! My “to do before leaving list” never seems to shorten. As requested above, I’ll really appreciate your prayers thru these final days of Home Assignment time and as I travel back to my Home, sweet home in PNG. And that the coming years will be fruitful ones, bringing much honor and glory to our Precious Lord!

Co-laboring together with you for the King!

Hope Sharp