It must be spring. A dry, southwest wind has been howling off and on for the past several weeks. It’s almost time for graduation. We have only one more week of classes before the students go their separate ways for the summer.

So far the Creative Ministry Methods class I have been overseeing has been a blast. I really enjoyed teaching song writing, though I know a number of things I can do to make the class better the next time around. I am currently teaching Creative Writing. We certainly have a lot of creative, talented students in our student body. The picture to the right shows the Physical Arts class with their drawings.

These past few days we have been excited to have a prospective staff member and his wife on campus. They are looking into the possibility of serving with us as Academic Dean! What a great answer to prayer if the Lord leads this direction!

May 11 is graduation day. We have two students graduating with Bachelors in Biblical Education. Many others will be receiving their one-year Certificate or two-year Associates. It will be a great time to celebrate.

Never fear, the staff will not be left milling around with nothing to do once graduation is over! We start in-service days on May 14. We will, however, have the last week of May entirely off.

Media Ministry class

On a more personal note,  I have been struggling with a sciatic nerve that is pinched, resulting in pain extending from my lower back all the way to my right ankle. I would appreciate prayer that I would learn the lessons the Lord has for me through this time, and, in His will, that He would provide healing.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and financial support as God leads. I am blessed!!