Dear Team Members,

Yikes, where do we begin?  So much has been going on in our lives!

Two weeks ago we had our daughter Esther, her husband Ricky, and their little girl Desirae, who will be three in June, here to visit us.  We had so much fun going to the Sanford Zoo, the beach, and also Sea World.  The weather that week was unusually hot and fun beach weather!  They are now back home, but we have special memories that will last forever!

How thankful we are for your love and prayers during and after Charlie’s Mother’s illness and her passing on March 19th.  Over this coming Memorial Day weekend we plan to get together to remember Mom up near Atlanta.  Since Charlie’s father was in the military and died during WWII, her remains are being placed in a Military Cemetery in Canton Georgia not far from where his sister Terri lives in Cummings, Georgia.

On March 25th we were invited to a staff social here and were presented with a lovely plaque with the inscription “In appreciation of 41 years of faithful service”.  It was a fun night for all involved.  It is hard to believe it has been 41 years since we finished our training in June of 1972.  It is even harder to believe that on this coming June 14th we will be married fifty years! Even more interesting was a remark made at Cherrie’ 50th Class reunion in November by a fellow we knew back then: “I am amazed that you folks are still together!”  Well, we know it is all because of our Savior Jesus Christ!

Since we got back to Florida at the end of January, besides the above activities, we have been trying to get some needed rest and get back to a normal routine, whatever that is! We continue to be involved at Church with Charlie teaching the older adult class.  On Saturday we had a barbeque social for the class at our home which was loads of fun – wall to wall people!  Charlie has been used some as a Notary Public, and we continue to be involved in the lives of folks the Lord brings along our pathway. We expect, as things settle into a normal routine, there will be other areas we will be involved in.  We have signed up to help at our reception desk here at the Retirement Center which we will enjoy. We were to help in early May but had to change that as a special friend of ours, who Cherrie befriended at her hair dresser a few years ago, needs us: Jan said “I could use the “backup” of you two!”  Jan’s daughter is in a custody battle for her only daughter and the arraignment in court is in early May.  Jan asked us to ask folks to earnestly pray for this situation.  Please be praying for us also during this time.

Later this year, possibly in November for up to three months, we would love to make a trip back to Australia.  At that time it will be 3 ½ years since we have seen our son Ben, his wife Stephanie, and our four grandchildren.  In many ways we still call Australia home, and look forward to seeing them and many others that are still part of our lives! When Charlie was helping one day a week at the multi-cultural church in Sydney, they paid into a retirement fund for us called Superannuation, and there is enough in that account to pay for our flights!  The biggest need will be for accommodation or even short term places to stay while there.  Maybe someone will be away and would like us to babysit their home, even for a short time, but we will face that need later in the year.

We love and appreciate each one of you.  We are so thankful for the part you have in our lives as retirees, and thankful that we are able to continue to be involved in reaching out to others here.


          Charlie & Cherrie