Dear Team Members,

Our love to you from mostly sunny Florida with the occasional rain and cooler weather. We feel bad for those in the northern States having the worst winter we have ever known in our lifetime Frown Enough for Global warming!

We are keeping quite well. I (Cherrie) am feeling better than I have in a long time and I know it is due to your prayers, the new medicines I am on, and more exercising. Thank you for prayingLaughing

This past Friday saw a fun filled day for our staff, retirees, and Royal Volunteers (Snow Birds from up north here to help during winter months). We had a Country Fair with tournaments, craft displays, chili lunch, and talent show. Quite the fun day Smile

We are so thankful for these volunteers who come to help us each year. Some have come for years, while new volunteers come and are so happy they want to come back again! Their help on our new chapel, and the extension to our assisted living facility mean so much. It cuts down on cost immensely!! The volunteer ladies do a number of jobs like helping retirees needing help with window cleaning. They enjoy doing finishing painting in the buildings being worked on. The list of jobs the men and women help us with seems a mile long. Their valuable help keeps down the maintenance fee for those living here. There is a section of our property developed for their RV’S and it is chock block full right now, WHAT A JOY TO SEE!!

Thank you so much for your prayers as we teach English as a second language. On Tuesday night Charlie teaches literacy, and I help with a beginner’s class. This semester finds a couple from China and a lady from Laos joining our class. We are thankful for the opportunity to share scripture in these classes. Please join us in prayer for folk to put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior through this outreach. On Tuesday mornings Charlie goes back and helps with teaching English to other students.

Normally on Wednesday mornings I (Cherrie) help with correcting Bible Study papers for inmates in a local jail. Lately though, for some unknown reason we have not had many papers to correct. Please be praying with us, that whatever the reason, that it will be resolved. In past years there may be 300 to correct each week, but now that may be the amount in a month.

We have a SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST for one of our Australian trained missionaries Toni Stuart who has a brain tumor known as glioblastoma. It is a stage 4 brain cancer and it is not treatable. PLEASE BE PRAYING for Toni and her husband Jason and their two young children. She loves the Lord, has peace, and is trusting in the Lord. They do not know how quickly the disease will progress or what form Toni’s symptoms will take so they would appreciate your PRAYERS.

Update: On March 5th, Toni went to be with Jesus. The Memorial Service for Toni is this week. Please continue praying for Jason and their two young children. Our hearts are saddened, yet we rejoice that Toni is with the Lord Who she loved and served – no more sickness, just JOY being with her Savior.

Thank you for being on the front line of the battle by your prayers for the lost and for the needs of His children.

Laborers Together,

Charlie & Cherrie

This is not Trivia, IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the early 1990’s an agreement was made between the Australian and American Governments. Permission was granted that Americans could hold dual citizenship. We REALLY looked into it with the American Consulate and found out it was true. Knowing this would help us in many ways, we applied for Australian citizenship and it was granted. So we have two passports and could live in either country. So on May 21st 1993 at a special ceremony we became Australian citizens. The interesting point is, at the ceremony, BOTH CHARLIE AND I WERE GIVEN HOLY BIBLES AS WERE OTHERS!