Greetings all!

Just to let you know that we have a large team of us (16 in all) headed for the Wana tribe early Monday morning our time here which will be Sunday evening your time. We will be conducting a Bible conference in one of our villages and then visiting some other villages and churches the following week. One prayer request is for the weather. It has been rainy season in the interior regions which can make the flying challenging. We would appreciate your prayers for better weather this next week and safety in all the the flying. We will be studying through 2 Peter during the conference and ask that you pray that this would be a blessing to all who attend. We will be in the tribe March 28 – April 8.

The last couple of weeks we have been involved in some consulting with some of the other missionary teams here on the island, curriculum development, and also regional leadership meetings. This weekend we enjoyed celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday with our little fellowship here in town. It is a small group of believers but the fellowship is sweet. It is a blessing to be involved with what the Lord is doing here in this part of the world. Thanks so much for being a part of our team – we REALLY appreciate it.

Ed on this side of the world, and Jeanne holding the fort

One of our curriculum development consultants meetings with our Wana team

Our Wana team working hard at outlines for some of our next lessons we plan to develop.

Planning for a curriculum development seminar for the end of April in which there will be 85 of our missionaries attending.

The solar eclipse as we were looking at it with the naked eye. What an awesome sight of God’s creation.