March 26th, 2016

Dear Team Members,

Our love to you from Florida! Spring time here, still mixed weather up north, and in Australia a mixture of Summer going into colder weather.

Words cannot express our appreciation for your love, prayers, and expressions of help during this journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Smile We so want to write personally to each of you, but know you understand that we are not able to do that.


With Cherrie’s cancer and all that is involved, we have stepped aside at this present time with teaching English as a Second Language. We are very much in contact with the leaders and all that is going on. Two of the teachers recently visited us with such encouraging news: in some ways the number of students has gone down, but what is encouraging is with our course, students are becoming more fluent in English and are able to go on to college, or go on to remedial college. Others have been able to get jobs. One lady was able to pass her citizenship test Smile There is a Citizenship Class taught at the same time that English is taught. So, your PRAYERS are being answered! With an influx of non-English speaking immigrants, we are trusting more students will hear of the classes and join them. Please continue to pray for the staff and students, especially over this Easter time as they continue to hear the true meaning of Easter being shared with them!

March 10th I had my 5th chemo session. On the 11th I had a unit of blood as my hemoglobin could was low. Since then it has been the hardest time for side effects. Total exhaustion, dehydration and had two infusions this week to help that. March 31st will be my last big chemo treatment, although I will still have one chemo drug every 3 weeks until the end of the year. I will have an MRI on April 18th, and then decisions need to be made as to when surgery will be done. There will then be a period of a few weeks to get over the chemo drugs and gain strength before having surgery. Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

One of my favorite verses is from Job 19:25. God allowed Job to go through so many trials, but through all his trials, Job could say from his heart – “- I know that my redeemer lives,” Truly that is the heart of Easter, knowing our Savior died to pay the penalty for our sin, BUT HE DID NOT STAY DEAD!!!! HE AROSE THE THIRD DAY and YES OUR REDEEMER LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With our Love and Prayers,

Charlie & Cherrie