Greetings all!

We just finished a week long “church development forum” along with a number of our Indonesian co-workers.  Amongst those were four of our Wana church leaders and missionaries.  It was a great time and they really had a lot to add to the discussion as we strategized and talked about our church planting challenges together with folks from all over South East Asia. This is the first time any of our Wana leaders have ever attended such a event.


With our Wana fellows at the forum

Just today we flew up to the province arriving here this afternoon.  We have really had to scurry as we depart for the Wana tribe early tomorrow morning.  I “think” I am all packed and ready to go. 

A little drama to add to everything was this afternoon I went to an ATM machine to get some more cash.  The machine was not functioning right and ended up swallowing my card.  After about an hour on the phone with the bank I realized that it was all a futile attempt to retrieve it so ended up calling my bank and canceling the card.  No worries though, as I do have a back up way to get funds so I will be fine.  That was a first time for me having that happen. 

We will appreciate your prayers as a number of us will be flying in to the tribe where we will be holding our biannual leadership conference with our Wana church leaders.  We will then be visiting another of our villages next weekend, followed by a consult trip to another neighboring tribal work.  We are looking forward to this time and will appreciate your prayers that this will be a fruitful time with them.

When we get back to town I will try and send out another email update and maybe a picture or two.  Thanks so much for being a part!  We appreciate you.


Ed & Jeanne

An Asia Pacific sunset