For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.
Romans 11:36 NASB

There is the saying that “Time and Tide wait for no Man”. The days of winter continue to rush by! It has been a particularly soggy season for the Long Beach peninsula. However, today we are experiencing some sunshine, which is most encouraging! Much has been happening in the last few months in the area of mission ministry with
New Tribes Mission. Currently in my Connection Center ministry I am working  with a number of people who have a desire to serve the Lord in missionary work. They 
hail from all over the USA with experience in executive positions, information and communication technologies, finance, nursing, and especially education.

It has been satisfying to see some of those that I have mentored in the past continuing on to serve for several years as associate members with New Tribes Mission. The applications for membership continue to come in and with the resulting reviewing of documents, the making of phone calls plus the sending and receiving of emails. Please pray for me that I would be discerning and timely in my communications with people who have a desire to serve. Also, please pray that applicants would be encouraged while being diligent in filling out their paperwork as they move through the application process to approval as associate members with New Tribes Mission.

In January Diann and I were invited to take part in a mission conference at Shan Creek Community Bible Church with the theme being “Declare His Glory Among the Nations.” We counted it a privilege to reconnect with some dear brothers and sisters in the Lord plus share the ministry of NTM over the weekend.

On the NTM Aviation side the 2nd Kodiak Aircraft arrived in Papua New Guinea this month of February. Praise the Lord that the plan for phasing out the 206 Cessna fleet is moving ahead according to plan. Kodiak #2 arrived just in time to take over while Kodiak #1 goes down for its first routine maintenance after many hours of service.

Diann would appreciate your prayers as she continues on in her responsibility as caregiver for her mother. The last 7 weeks have been challenging for her health wise, as she has had to battle bronchitis which is something that requires quite a bit of rest and your prayers! Another urgent matter of prayer is for Dave Simpson who is a good friend, colleague and Director of the NTM Connection Center. A recent medical checkup revealed a small growth in his neck. In the past Dave was successfully treated for thyroid cancer and had been cancer free for many years. He has been referred to a surgeon and his appointment is for March the 1st. Please remember Dave and his family in your prayers.

I received an interesting email the other day which contained an encouraging account of a Kora language helper praising God. The Kora church was born in October of last year in the Asia Pacific region. In the past the Kora people never paid any attention to the beauty that God has created. In their language they don’t have any words for ‘gorgeous, pretty, beautiful’ or other such words. However the other day one of the Kora language helpers (a believer now) came up to the missionary and began to talk about the amazing flower Yaweh created. (Amazing is one word that the Kora have.) “I have never seen how amazing this is! Yaweh is amazing at His creating! Then he went on to describe it as best as he could, using the national language for colors. In the past this would not have happened! Praise God that his Word is transforming the hearts of people in this very remote area! They are giving Him the glory!

Reaching Tribes and Transforming Lives,
Dave & Diann