Encouraging words

Some dear friends, John and Lena Allen, came to visit. During our time together, John mentioned that he had taken our simple English Bible lessons to India and introduced them to some students attending a Christian College. One of the students had written to John to let him know that he was using the lessons to teach people and they were clearly understanding the Word.


Another friend and mentor, Joshua Seilala, came by today and told me how he was ready to start lesson 12 with a group of young men from the part of Goroka Town where he lives. He said they highlight their Bibles and keep notes on the truths they are learning from the course. Pray these young men will hear and understand the Gospel of grace.

Another recent encouragement was a gift sent towards our ministry by one of our Papua New Guinean sons. He recently started a business and wanted to give an offering to help us personally and to help pay for the airplane fares to go to Amanab to teach March 15 to April 1.

Be encouraged with us and pray.

Jim & Kathy Tanner, PNG