Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers over the last month. I can literally tell people are praying. Here are some praises and answers to prayer: 

IBC’s self-study was just approved for our October ABHE accreditation site visit! This is the last step before we can be accepted into candidacy status. What a thrill to be getting so close to completion of the first phase. Our students need this for us to offer them the best possible education we can give them. Now to figure out how to pay the $10,000 price tag for that visit…

When I first came to IBC I was told it would take five years to be trusted as someone who would “stick around”. That proved to be remarkably accurate, as it was about the five year mark that people began to trust that I intended to be a “stayer”. I’ve been wondering, however, how long it would take for me to be embraced as a peer in Native ministry leadership. I don’t have to wonder any longer! In the last four months I’ve received two different indications from other Native ministry leaders (both Native and Anglo) that I am trusted as a peer. The latest is that just last month I was elected the chairman of the Southwest Regional Committee for the Association of North American Missions, which serves nine different ministries that all have some connection to Native ministry. What a joy to be embraced as a peer by those who have been in Native ministry all their lives… and it only took seven years! 🙂

The discipleship groups Sarah and I are leading are having tremendous fruit in the lives of Christina, Fredericka, Efrain, and Richard. These four students are all upper classmen on pace to graduate in 1-2 years and we are excited to see how they will be used in student leadership next year!

Last week we had Celebration Chapel, which happens once a semester to celebrate God’s faithfulness expressed in God’s people. We celebrated YOU! Every single prayer partner, financial supporter, and volunteer that helps IBC makes it possible for our students to receive a disciplemaking education at a cost low enough for them to graduate debt free. All of IBC praises God for each and every one of you!

Here are a few prayer requests for this month:

  • Health–As I write this we are on day two of the entire family being sick. Sarah has been sick a lot over the last few months. We are eating better and getting more exercise than ever before, so the health challenges are a bit befuddling. Please pray for strength and health.
  • Protection from spiritual attack–We continue to see intense spiritual opposition to IBC. There have been frequent reports of awareness of demonic presence in the last few weeks, including in the church plant that meets at our house! Suicidal ideation, depression, and disunity have all been regular struggles of our students (and sometimes of our staff). So please pray with us for protection from Satan’s attacks and insight into anything that might be giving the enemy a foothold (Ephesians 4:27).

Thanks for standing with us! You are part of a powerful team bringing hope, training, and a promising future to Native Americans believers!

Jason and family