“How do I continue a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend when she seems to resent it when I share with her how I am growing in Christ?” “Should I pursue a relationship with someone my age [20] who already has two kids?” These questions were posed to me last week by two Zuni Pueblo young men in my Christian Family class. They had sought me out after-hours with questions that were plaguing them as we had been talking about singleness and relationships. After helping them process through these questions (asking a lot of questions and reflections) one of the students declared “Man! You’re like the ‘Love Doctor’!” I THINK that is a complement…

We have been back from our trip for almost four weeks now—thank you to all of those that prayed for us and spent time with us during our two-month Presidential Tour! It was a great trip, including 59 days, 5000 RV miles (and another 1000 borrowed car miles), 45 visits, 8 public speaking opportunities, and countless conversations. Additionally, we had some great family time and discovered that our children often actually added to the effectiveness of a trip like this. What a blessing to be able to do ministry as a family!

This last week we’ve had our annual Missions Conference with internationally known author and speaker (and Arab Christian) Nabeel Jabbour (www.nabeeljabbour.com). It was an AMAZING week for everyone as we learned how to share Christ with Muslims through an accurate understanding their worldview and mindset. One of the highlights was establishing the first ever “live feed” into a classroom because our chapels were too full! We had 48 people in attendance to Wednesday’s chapel, with 39 people “in the room” and 9 in classroom 2 watching via video. This gives us great hope for the growth of the school, in the confidence that our small chapel size does NOT have to be the defining factor in our schools size.

Some prayer requests:

I am spending two hours a day, four days a week with the six students in my Christian family class (until March 26th). The students included three men (Branden, Tanner, and Tyrell) and three women (Carmen, Heather, and Birdie), five Native tribes, ages 18-63. So many of our students have experienced deep heartache—even abuse—from their families. Please pray for the students to be helped and healed through this class.

We are working towards and praying for the largest freshmen class ever for the start of the new school year in August. Please pray with us for that. (We will be sponsoring a day of prayer and fasting for the recruitment of IBC students in April; more info on that will come later.)

Our family is a bit overwhelmed as we lead the school, plant a church, homeschool the children, and do a lot of discipleship and counseling. My Christian Family class is taking over 15 hours a week (and I am guest teaching in several others), I am planning four weekend trips for May-June, and we have two different Mending the Soul groups to get started (a women’s training group for Sarah and the first ever IBC men’s group for me). All this is very challenging for our family right now (the motorhome STILL isn’t totally unpacked!) Please pray for wisdom and balance in the midst of a very busy season of life and ministry.

Thank you for your prayers for our family!