For the past three years we have seen open so many doors in our new ministry, provide for printing new Bible lesson books and to train many pastors around the country. I believe we’ve trained about 330 so far. Many others are asking for training, so pray that they will get organized on their end. Pray as we keep translating the simple English for Papua New Guinea version. We’ve got 6 of the 9 volumes finished. PTL!

Pastors training


We had the opportunity to visit the Elimbari tribe which was our home for 25 years. We were invited to interview a group of youth who had completed an evangelistic course. Many came to Christ there. Good to see spiritual grandchildren.

Elimbari youth

We also had our 45th anniversary of arriving on the field. Amazing that God can use people like us. We give Him praise.

Jim & Kathy Tanner

Papua New Guinea