For those of you who love to be right (thus proving me wrong) — the experts agree with ya. X-raysconfirm a (L) wrist fracture from my 2 falls on the ice last December. Itook that diagnosis in stride since it is obviously in good alignment and healed on its own. I will admit however that it became a bit disconcerting as the orthopedic doc began the discussion of my options for tackling the residual limited range of motion. His first question to me, “Do you have a hammer at home?” … He further forbade me from ever again being on the ice so there go any dreams of learning to ice skate and winning a gold medal in winter sports. Sigh. Physical therapy appointments have consumed my time instead – even though the initial apt required me to defy the doc and brave the ice. Than you, Lynda, for tuning in to the spinning of my wheels trying to get out my car out of the ice and sending Rick to take me to that appointment!

 Also as a result of doctor’s appointments, oatmeal has become my best friend. It accompanies me on my travels so if I’m coming your way, don’t feel you need to stock up. But speaking of stocks – maybe you’ll want to invest in eatable oats on the stock market. You can be praying that oatmeal will be available when I return to PNG in June. That’s one food item that may — or may not — be stocked on the store shelves. And if it is available, it may — or may not — be protein enriched. That brings up the question – would such additional protein be acceptable HDL or is it the unhealthy LDL that’s hazardous to one’s cholesterol level???


A definite perk of discovering elevated cholesterol – it’s a great excuse for taking spring walks! There are a couple of trail options but by far my favorite is any route where the daffodils are prolifically in bloom. I’ve already acquired about 100 of the 1 zillion spring foliage photos that I always take each time I’m home. Gotta have enough spring to carry me thru the next 5 years of perpetual PNG summer!

Further news — My 1st trip to Indiana is an accomplished feat. Oakland graciously granted me more time than my last several meetings combined! Thanks to an opportunity with the SS kids at Immanuel in WI last fall, my Children’s Church presentation was all ready to go. Kids meetings are always so fun. And memorable! I was attempting to explain sago (the staple food of the May River Iwam in PNG) to a group of 5-10 year olds. When I mentioned it has a rubbery, gritty, sourish consistency & taste, one gal piped up asking, “Like erasers?” Dumb me. I had never associated the two. Guess it’s worth checking out! If you see any nibbled erasers in my house you will understand why. Be assured though I will not swallow (or inhale) so any cholesterol in them won’t count.

Another highlight of the time with the kids – We were unrolling the ~45 foot long SIL / Wycliffe list of the 2300 language / people groups around the world still needing the Bible translated into their mother tongue. I thought we’d just look at part of it rather than take the time to unroll the whole thing. Uh-uh. The children wanted to see it ALL. And help hold it up. And try to read from it (even if they couldn’t read.) I wished I’d had a camera. It was precious. Especially when one young gentleman turned to me and asked, “They don’t know about Jesus?” “No,” I said. His reply (with only slight accusing undertones) – “Well, why don’t YOU tell them?” It is greatly hoped that he, and perhaps others there, caught on that THEY might one day be a part of doing just that!

Those same Hoosiers also supplied 11 mystery boxes making for a wonderful Christmas in March. They shared tons of blessings for taking back to PNG! The majority of these treasures will be passed along to PNG citizens – the ladies in my town Bible Study group, patients I visit at the Wewak hospital, etc. Dittos on the multitude of t-shirts, baby clothes, carry-all bags, and other such items that others of you have provided during these past months here at home. AND special thanks for all of you too who have given designated personal financial gifts during my travels. Those gifts have covered all this round of medical

& dental bills to date! Mega thanks to each of you, and my forever faithful monthly supporters too, for your generosity!


Thanks to your prayers, last month’s “to do” list is well on its way to completion. Taxes are filed. A dental appointment ended with the coveted, “Look Ma! No Cavities!” Physical therapy for my wrist should be done by the end of March. Thank you, Sandy! That will mean no more commuting between southeast Missouri and Indiana juggling medical appointments and visits with friends, supporters, and supporting churches. One 810 mile round trip commute to & from Indy was enough! There will be an additional Doctor’s visit early in May but nothing is anticipated at this point to prevent me from returning to PNG on schedule in June. Ticket inquiries for that are in the works. Dates are still up in the air but early to mid-June look hopeful.

In the meantime — Early April will find me “back home again in Indiana” with hopefully some visits in Illinois and Michigan too. The plan for late April is to head cross country for CA again – this time for a purely personal family trip to take my Hoosier bro & sis-in-law (who has MS) to see the big trees. They have long wanted to do this but needed some nudging. My MO bro will be going too. It is so precious to see God working on the details to grant us this special once-in-a-lifetimefamily venture. We’ll be able to see my CA sister and maybe a couple of her gals while we are there. Thank you, Lord! This will likely be my last opportunity to see them for another 5 years.


I’ve shared this thought with many of you but it bears repeating. Remember the story in the book of Ruth (2:16) when Boaz tells the harvesters to “drop extra handfuls on purpose” for Ruth to glean? This entire Home Assignment time has been just that for me. God continually goes out of His way to provide “extras” far beyond anything I could ask or think! Blessings and benefits that only He can design! Thank you for being tuned in to be His hands to bring it all about! 

Memories of the times with you, family and friends, and catching up on the details of YOUR lives are the most cherished of my HA happenings. They will be accompanying me back to PNG. My sincere thanks to each of you who have been a part of what God has for me in my life and ministry. Your prayers and evidences of loving, caring support are so appreciated. May you see Him blessing you bountifully in return

Co-laboring together with you for the King!