Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We thought we would give you an update on how things are going with us. At first it was all excitement, the Lord had challenged us both with the Benabena work in Papua New Guinea. We received an e-mail from the field requiring medical checks and we thought, “We will just get these tests done and we will be off to PNG.” But the medical checks revealed some health problems that needed more checks.


As time went on with a trip to Rockhampton for more tests I (David) began to be discouraged wondering if the Lord didn’t want us there after all. Wendy’s doctor didn’t help saying, “They won’t want you in PNG with your health problems.” But then I began to see what the Lord was doing. He wanted these health problems to be brought into the open so that they could be dealt with before heading to PNG. So now we are very thankful to the Lord that He brought these to light here rather than in PNG and us having to return home.

We weren’t sure where to go from here then Wendy rang a friend who is a doctor down in Redcliffe. He is familiar with Wendy’s mother and sister’s health problems and was keen to get things moving to get her help with specialists down there. So we feel confident that the Lord is continuing to take us on step by step. He knows what He is doing and our confidence needs to be in Him.

Yours in Him
David and Wendy