Dear Ones,

We have lived all these years in “the land of the unexpected”.  Well now, it seems we have become “people of the unexpected”.

On Saturday 2nd March, after having been sick for 3 weeks, I was medically evacuated to Cairns, Australia, just as Bill had been in January.  My kidneys were functioning at only about 20% of their normal function.  Bill was able to come with me and Trevor and Estelle Burns our friends and co-workers of NTM PNG Cairns Assist opened their home to Bill.

On Wednesday night, 6th March, I was flown to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane by the Royal Flying Doctor Service because the Cairns Hospital does not have a urology department and so could not give me the treatment I needed for my kidneys.  I was operated on during the morning of Thursday 7th March and two stents were fitted from my two kidneys down the two urethers into the bladder. This was to allow the backed up urine to drain and  the infection to clear.  In four weeks time, I shall have to have a further operation to take the stents out and then remove the kidney stones which are blocking both urethers.   On the Thursday afternoon, I already felt a considerable improvement because the urine backlog had drained away.

Bill could not accompany me on the RFDS flight and so he flew down to Brisbane on Thursday morning on Virgin Blue.  My brother John and his wife collected him at the airport and took him to the hospital to see me.  The timing was excellent as I had returned to the ward from the recovery room just about 10 minutes earlier.  Bill then went to stay with John and Janet and family in the Gold Coast area south of Brisbane.  What a blessing that they moved there about two years ago.

Yesterday morning, I was discharged from hospital.  John and Bill came and collected me and brought me down to Upper Coomera to continue my recovery here.  The hospital will send me a letter to tell me when I need to return to hospital for the second procedure.

Lord willing, I will regain my strength well before that and we will be able to do some visiting and sight-seeing around Brisbane.

Bill is doing okay.  Thankfully he was well enough to care for me while we were still at home and to cope with these unexpected events.

Lynette for us both