ImageLiving in Sinow provides many experiences that a person just wouldn`t enjoy outside of an isolated jungle location. Have you ever had to duck from thumb-sized beetles dive-bombing your eyebrows? Have you ever been startled awake by the sound of giant fruitbats bouncing off the clothes line, trying to be the first one up to bat in the nearby breadfruit trees? I don`t suppose that partaking of creamy white sago grubs and then quietly but dishonestly swallowing them whole has ever been a part of where you come from…..

Oh, and here are some other impressions of Sinow life that don`t really register on our consciousness anymore. As I consider them now, I guess they really aren`t typical “back – home” happenings. Have you experienced sitting reading a book in the evening, so covered in perspiration from the high humidity that you have to change clothes? And it probably isn`t every afternoon that you see a little naked kid run by, screaming and throwing things at a mother who is chasing hard and loud behind, her baby and bare breasts swinging in tandem with her brandished three foot bush knife. And I don`t figure that you have often had to fathom mysteries such as who caused all the dogs to die in the village or which enemy caused the rain that ruined a big fishing trip. And you think your life is complicated!