Greetings all,
We want to thank you for your continued prayers for the Wana outreach in the village of “Kaju Poli” (Oak Tree). Our pilot has been able to make a couple of trips over there within the last couple of weeks to take men over to help with making a canoe and also building houses.

The canoe will make access to the coast much more feasible and make it possible to obtain much of their supplies from there. The have all the Scriptures, lessons, and pictures to go along with the lessons on site so once they can get set up they can begin the teaching. There are already 5 families looking forward to being taught.

With this email I wanted to send along a few pictures of the type of dugout canoe we are talking about to give you an idea of what they are making. I do not have all the steps available but basically the proper tree has to be felled and then the rough work of hollowing/digging it out is done with a chain saw. After the rough work is done they use axes, machetes, and wood planes to smooth things out. As you can see they do a pretty good job. We do want to thank you for your continued prayers for this outreach team.

The Wana style “dugout” canoe

Putting the upper railing on.

The water keeps it from drying out and cracking. A motor can also be attached to the back of it.


Ed & Jeanne