Wow it is hard to believe that summer is already here! We trust it has gotten off to a good start for you! Things with our family are going well. Geoff and Tina are still in Peru, South America working in church planting there. We recently had a 2 hour skype call with them and catching up. They are enjoying their church planting ministry and staying encouraged. They have plans to take a furlough about a year from now so will look forward to having them back for awhile. We were also privileged to have a visit from Jeanne’s brother and wife along with their grand-daughter last month and really enjoyed seeing them again – of course great grandma enjoyed that too!

Our last letter saw me preparing for a couple of missions conferences and preparing to go to Asia Pacific. I was able to attend a wonderful missions conference in the Phoenix area and came away feeling challenged and encouraged. It is always great to visit our partnering churches and also to rub shoulders with other missionaries who are working in various parts of this world. This was followed by another great missions conference in our home church followed by the long commute over the Pacific Ocean.

I had another great and profitable trip to the islands and it was great to be back with our Wana friends. My first week there was spent in a church development forum in which we included a number of our Wana church leaders and missionaries. Following this we sent a couple of them on up to Manila to a “missionary training forum” that our mission was conducting. Wow….this was the first time for any of our Wana leaders to make a trip outside the country! They did a great job of getting their own passports and then braving the trip to Manila. Of course we didn’t send them on their own but had some other expat missionaries accompanying them.

We had another wonderful Wana Bible conference this time held in a village which gets itss name from the huge  trees growing there. They have kind of a blue/green color, very tall, and beautiful. During this conference we studied through the last three chapters of Revelation. The book of Revelation was a challenge to all of us to get the gospel out to those still unreached with the gospel. One of our goals with the churches is to teach and disciple leaders in the area of giving church consultant help to other missionary teams. It was our privilege once again to include some of our Wana church leaders as we made consultant visits to a number of other tribal missionary teams. Three of the teams we visited have Wana missionaries serving on them. Many of them will soon be ready to start translation and lesson development so we are now taking steps to begin to prepare these teams for this.

I arrived home the latter part of April. Our Wana missionary team meets every week day morning for a skype conference call going over any team business, working on translation projects, and also praying for our many different works on the island. Some of the translation projects we are presently working on are: the book of Exodus, doing some final corrections on the Jude lessons, starting to work on some chronological lessons for new believers, and also working on some marriage counseling lessons. We are enjoying this and it is great to be involved in this wonderful ministry! My next trip to Asia Pacific is scheduled for September.

Jeanne and I want to thank you so much for your part in our ministry and we want you to know that it a joy to serve together with you. One prayer request we have is for a need to raise our monthly support. Due to financial challenges this past year some of our ministry partners have either had to lower or drop their financial support to us, so we would appreciate your prayers for this knowing that God is able as He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. We trust you have a great summer!

May the Lord Bless you,

Ed & Jeanne Casteel