Thank You

Dear Friends,

I have been teaching a man who worked as a missionary, but showed no fruits of salvation. He was proud, bad tempered and self-centered. He came to me asking to be taught from the Scriptures so he could know the ‘true’ way to know Christ. After a few weeks, one morning he said, “I’m like something sunken deep into an outdoor toilet that is full or maggots. No one cares enough for me to reach down and pull me out. God is the only one who loves me enough to rescue me by His grace.” Please pray that he’ll understand the gospel and be saved.


Kathy has started teaching the women in prison each Wednesday, while I teach the men. Enoch, who usually teaches the men has gone on a survey to the West New Britain Province to see if there are spiritual needs there that the Yagarian Churches may meet. We thank God for these churches that have a desire to reach out with the truth. In August, they are starting some training courses to equip more of their couples for ministry outside their own tribe. They are already in several parts of the country planting churches.

I continue with formatting and translating simple English Bible lessons along with a co-worker, Deanne Ebersole, who is presently in Sanford, FL. She completed the first draft of our 8th volume and has gone on to volume 9, the last in the series. I’m working on volume 7, but I’ve put it aside temporarily to translate the lessons in Hebrew to add to volume 8. Pray for good progress. Volumes 5 and 6 should soon be on a ship heading this way. PTL!

Jonathan Zato finished 12th Grade, but his grades were too low to get accepted into another institution so he wants to do a correspondence course to improve them. We paid for one of his subjects, and he comes out every Saturday to help us around the house. I’m going through the simple English lessons with him. He is a believer, but is learning lots of new things.

Dustin James Tanner, our son Tom’s eldest son, got engaged to Brittany Beck in May. It looks like he’ll be our first grandchild to marry, although, we have some older than him. She will be a senior at Florida State University this Fall. They haven’t set a date yet.

We plan on taking a vacation in July to celebrate our 49th anniversary.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim & Kathy Tanner

This is Joshua and his fiancé, Brenda.
He works for Word of Life and we try to be an encouragement to him.