In memory of our Hewa friend, Mifila (photographed in January with two of her three children)

Just four months after I flew to the Hewa village of Fiy to speak up for the lives of the four women who were accused of being possessed by evil spirits they believed were causing death, a group of armed raiders from a different language group swept into the village and murdered Mifila. We are deeply saddened by this news but are encouraged to hear the leaders of that village are asking for help from the police in town rather than planning a retaliation murder.


Please pray that during this time of grief, the people of Fiy will call out to the Lord with complete surrender and unity, and that the Lord will bring an end to these tragic ancestral driven murders. We know there will be no change until the people of the different villages repent and call out to the Lord for forgiveness, so please join with us in earnest prayer. We are very grateful to live in a village where people have turned to the Lord, but our heart continues to break for the people scattered across the mountains who are still held in bondage by age old traditions.

We have been planning our next six month furlough and have purchased tickets to return to the USA on July 26. We are excited to be able to attend 50th wedding anniversary celebrations for both our parents (Kopfs in ID and Kings in FL) and also attend Mikayla’s graduation from college (CA) and Micah’s graduation from combat medic training with the Army (TX). This is going to be a busy furlough with lots of traveling. We hope to make our home base in La Mirada, CA so we can be together with Mikayla for her last semester of pre-med education.

Praise and Prayer

  • Pray the Hewa and Paiela villagers will repent and surrender to the Lord, and that the tragic belief that death is a result of evil spirits living in women will be forever eliminated from their culture.
  • Pray for Mikayla that she will experience God’s complete healing from her severe back pain.
  • Pray for Micah as he is now in boot camp preparing to become a combat medic with the Army.
  • Pray for the upcoming evangelistic outreach to the village of Yano that is planned to begin before the end of June.

Thank you for your love and prayers! We deeply appreciate your part in reaching out to the Hewa tribal people with the Love of Jesus. Thank you!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna