Greetings all,

            It has been a while since we have sent out an email update.  Just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful conversation with Paulus this morning via Skype.  He is now in the provincial capital and was able to give me an update on their trip to Oak Tree.  I told him that we had hundreds of people praying for their team as they hiked to Oak Tree and he was very thankful to hear that. 

 He told me that they were 7 days hiking each way on their trip there.  During their time there they were able to build a house for future evangelists to live in.  Actually Oak Tree isn’t really a village but rather just a small swidden settlement. (A swidden is a small area cleared for temporary cultivation by cutting and burning the vegetation).  There are three swidden settlements in this area making up about 40 families which would be approximately 200 people.  There is one believer there who came to know the Lord through the visits of some of our earlier teams to visit this area some months back.  They are now in the process of choosing a permanent team who will be able to teach these people on a regular basis.  He also shared with me that further interior from this area there are over a 1000 animistic people living, so a big challenge for our churches. Paulus and another pastor from Wana are presently in the provincial capital for a few weeks to help out with the preaching and teaching in our church plant there, as all the missionaries are presently attending a missionary conference in another city.  Thanks for praying!

Ed n Jeanne

Steffan Pyle, Steve Rosengren, and myself, talking with Paulus in his home village