Once again we have much to thank the Lord for.  We are safely settled at Tree Tops Lodge in Cairns.  We managed to get everything packed up by the end of last night.  Then we were in to the hangar before the appointed time of 7 a.m.   We got away and down to Port Moresby where we were held up for quite a while before the immigration people were ready to check our departure forms and passports and then to have the plane fueled.  So we were away just after 10:30 for the 2 hour and 20 minute flight to Cairns.

Getting all our totes and suitcases and so on through quarantine and then some transported to Trevor Burns’ home while we waited at the airport with more of our luggage took a very long time.  We were very impressed with the staff in quarantine who had to check three of our pieces of luggage in careful detail but did it very gently and repacked everything very well.  Finally, Trevor was able to bring us to Tree Tops Lodge and take the rest of the luggage which we are having stored at his home for the next three and a half months or so.  In the interim, he and Nate, our pilot, had been loading the plane for the return flight to PNG tomorrow.

Thus it was just after 5 p.m. when we headed off down the hill walking to buy some basic supplies and have some “tunch” at a little cafe place in Stratford.  We had had no lunch and so we combined tea and lunch.

Thanks for your prayers for our packing and sorting and for our safe flight down.  Please pray for a safe flight for Nate back to Goroka.

Tomorrow we will shop properly and report in to Centrelink so that they can restart his pension payments.  We’ll be here until Sunday morning when we catch the tilt train to Brisbane.

Thank you,

Bill and Lynette