Thank you

Dear Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well.

It was a month of many backward blessings for us. Do you ever have those? We had a lot of things that were very frustrating and seemed like obstacles to progress, but we were reminded that anything worth doing for Christ will be opposed by the enemy. We just keep pushing through by faith, and the blessings come in the end.


We have a friend in Brazil who did covers for our two volumes of simple English Bible lessons for PNG. I was able to send those two books off to a printer and get proof copies printed of them and one other book. They were sent to some co-workers in CA to check the formatting for us. We’re still searching for the best source for printing them.

We will be visiting the Elimbari church in June. It will be good to go back and see our friends there again. It’s hard to believe that we left there nearly 17 years ago. I will be spending time with the leaders and then speak at the Sunday morning service too.

Our vacation is scheduled for mid-July in Cairns, Australia. We are looking forward to getting away for that time. On our return, we plan on spending some time in our capital, Port Moresby, to speak to people there about ministry opportunities. We have been considering moving there after our next home assignment.

Jim and a friend, Peter Palmer, cooked for the mission high school graduates and their parents. It was a wonderful celebration and dinner.

Prayer requests

  1. For wisdom in formatting and getting two simple English lesson books finished.
  2. Help in finding someone to print those books.
  3. Finances for paying for the printing.
  4. A good visit to the Elimbari Church, where we worked for 25 years. They want me to speak to the congregation and do a bit of teacher training too.
  5. Wisdom for the future.

Praise Items

  1. We have had some donations towards printing our Leadership book and I have had a proof copy of it sent to our co-workers to check it out for us.
  2. We have contacted a couple printers to get quotations on printing our simple English Bible lessons.
  3. We will be taking a vacation in Cairns, Australia July 12th-25th.
  4. We have had good reports from pastors who are teaching the Word from our lessons.
  5. His help in getting two more books nearly formatted and ready for printing.

Thank you for your prayers.
In Christ,
Jim & Kathy