Dear Ministry Partners,

Greetings from our family to yours! We trust that each of you are enjoying the spring weather and looking forward to the summer months ahead.

This letter finds me having been home for just over a month from the Asia Pacific Islands. I left earlier this year, March 1, which meant that February was busy making preparations for the trip and all that I would be involved there. This particular trip I was involved in helping with some language and culture evaluations for some of our missionary teams who are still working on coming to a sufficient proficiency to begin teaching and translating Scripture. Three of our cross cultural teams have Wana Tribal families serving on them so we of course have a special interest in them and helping them to reach their goals. One challenge we face with our tribal missionaries is that they learn better orally than by computers and digital recorders like we westerners. Most of the language learning tools developed up to this time are more geared for the western learner so we were glad to be able to develop and leave some tools with them which would benefit them as oral learners.


It was a special blessing to be back in the Wana tribe where we conducted a week long Bible conference followed by visiting some of the Wana villages and churches. At our Bible conference we studied from the book of 2 Peter which has been a felt need for them as other false religions are starting to make their way into the Wana region. Most of these groups coming in do not seek their own converts but rather prey on existing churches very much like what was happening in the churches back in Peter’s time.

We are really excited to see the different outreaches that are taking place in Wana at this time. Just a couple of weeks ago we sent a team of 3 families to a distant Wana group about a 3 to 4 day hike away. We praise the Lord for the helicopter which was able to shuttle them over as it would have been a grueling hike for them and their children. It was so neat too, to see how the churches were getting behind them – collections of rice, food, medicine, and some money, were brought together to help speed them on their way. Others will be assisting by going over and helping them to build their houses, so it has been neat to see the body of Christ in action.

As for a family we are doing well. We want to thank you for your prayers for Jeanne as she went through spinal surgery last fall on her neck and then the six month recuperation time that she had. We saw the surgeon last month after I returned and x-rays show that her neck has healed well. The surgeon has released her from his care and she is now free to do pretty much what she wants – and what I will allow her to do Smile Our kids are doing well too and planning to come on home assignment from Peru, South America in August. We are really looking forward to seeing them again.

Jeanne and I want you to know that we count it a privilege to have you as our co-workers as we work together with you to spread the gospel in the Asia Pacific region. These have been exciting days as we see what God is doing there. Thank you so much for being a part through your prayers and giving.

May the Lord Bless you,

Ed & Jeanne Casteel