Greetings from a very green desert! We have had record temperatures followed by record rain this summer. Our Sulfur Springs valley is the greenest we have ever seen it the past eight years. It is often hard to find beauty in the desert. There are days I miss the beautiful mountains of Papua New Guinea, however God quickly reminds me that He has given me beautiful mountains here as well. Mountains remind me of God’s faithfulness–strong, big, and immovable! He has given me a beautiful view of the Swiss Helm Mountains from my kitchen window.


There are also beautiful mountains in central Mexico. These mountains are home to the Huichol people. UIM flies several pastors into remote villages every three months. Pictured is one of the pastors who makes that trip to reach his own people with the gospel. We are praying for funds to subsidize these flights to make it more affordable for these pastors.

Bart was able to complete his Flight Instructor Refresher Course. Every 2 years, a flight instructor has to renew his certificate by either taking an online course, a check-ride with the FAA, pass enough students for a check-ride, etc. He did the online course, and is thankful that he no longer has to renew by VHS tape like he did overseas many years ago!

This month Bart spent a week at Moody Aviation in Spokane, WA. The week is spent flying and talking with young men and women interested in mission aviation. It is an opportunity to start rubbing shoulders and getting to know each other. Moody Aviation is doing a great job of training the next generation of missionary aviation pilots and technicians.

Family News

July marked our 25th wedding anniversary! Can you believe that Kim has survived this long!!

Brandon found out he was assigned to the Tempe, AZ store with Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes. We just finished helping him move into his new apartment.

Kelly is renting a house in Tucson with 3 other girls. She will be taking an online college course and working while she waits to get into the radiology program.

Blake graduated on August 9th from Pima Aviation Technology School. We enjoyed celebrating with him. Grandma Haines flew out from Charlotte for the big event. His brother drove down from Phoenix and we, along with his Grandpa & Grandma Weavers drove up to Tucson to celebrate! So proud of his hard work!

Kortney has started her senior year. Yes, our baby girl is now applying for scholarships and looking into colleges. Please pray for her as she is not yet sure what career path to pursue. She is currently enjoying the volleyball season.

Thank you for partnering with us!!

Under the Same Wing,

Bart & Kim