Dear Co-Laborers,

It is hard to believe that we are already into the middle of summer! We trust that you have been enjoying this time of the year and we trust you have a very “Happy Independence Day”. We are doing well and enjoying our hobbies of a small vegetable garden and some flowers as well. The evenings have also kept me busy painting house. I used to work for a painter years ago when I was in Bible college and he told me houses usually needed painting every five years. Well ours went for 6 years but it seems like yesterday – ha.

Some other happenings have included having Jeanne’s brother, his wife, and their granddaughter, from Waco, TX, for a visit in May. It had been a couple of years since they had been up here and able to visit mom. A few weeks ago Jeanne’s mom experienced a abnormal heart arrythmia – we think she just wanted to check out the accommodations at the hospital for a couple of days Smile. The doctors were able to change her medication and she is feeling much better now for which we are very grateful. Jeanne’s sister Janet, from Dayton Ohio, arrived last Wednesday and has been enjoying spending some time with mom while she is here.

It has really been neat to see the fruit from the literacy seminar we had in April. Seven Wana villages have either begun or will soon be beginning to teach literacy in their respective villages. Our missionary team working in the Da’a tribe is also starting literacy classes this month. This is exciting as it will enable many others to make use of the written Word. We have also had another Wana family join our “Wana Team” this month. They are Riben and Annie. They will be basing in town and working with our church plant there in the provincial capital, as the church they are from in Wana is responsible for this outreach. We are looking forward to having this addition to our team and working together with them.

I am also beginning to make plans to return to Asia Pacific on September 9. Beginning on September 16th through the end of the month we will be final checking the book of Genesis in the Wana village of Padalempe. This book is over 1500 verses long so we know we are facing quite a challenge. This check involves many of our Wana folks too as it will all be read to them verse by verse for understanding, and also be checked for content and accuracy to the original. We are already beginning to line up different Wana folks who will be able to help us with this. Then in October we will be holding a Bible conference in Wana, visiting other villages, and also making consultant visits to some of our other tribal works. We will appreciate your prayers in advance for this time. I am also needing to trust the Lord for $2500.00 for this trip and appreciate your prayers for God’s provision for this too.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your prayers this past month. We appreciate the opportunity to serve together with you to see the gospel go forth in Asia Pacific!


Ed & Jeanne Casteel