Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support during our home ministry. According to ABWE records, we are about $840 per month under supported. God will provide for all of our need. Please add this to your prayer list.

We have begun our travels following Steve’s recovery from his carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, on both of his hands. He is still experiencing some pain and numbness in his right hand. Thankfully, the surgery was to prevent this from getting worse. The doctor wants to do more nerve testing due to the continued numbness.

We have started our travels for our home ministry. Our first stop was Indianapolis, IN where we enjoyed a delightful visit with Rich and Marcia Ernst. They are a retired couple that we worked with in Papua New Guinea. We then pushed on into the night to arrive in Columbus, OH, where our daughter Stephanie and her family live.

One afternoon there, we enjoyed a lunch meeting with Josh and Jodie Greve and their growing family. They will be going short term to Papua New Guinea soon and were filled with questions. Please pray for them as they continue to prepare for their trip.

We were able to visit our daughter’s family for a whole week. What a blessing it was to be able to spend time with their extended family and them. God gave us some great weather to enjoy the outdoors playing, visiting, and working, during that week. Please continue to pray for them. Aaron works third shift and is in school days, to get his accreditation to teach in the Ohio public school system. Stephanie is busy taking care of the children and keeping them quiet while Aaron sleeps during the day. Coralee is being tutored for severe dyslexia. The tutor and Coralee are very encouraged with her progress. Coralee has also started treatments for her neck and lower spine misalignment, with some nerve impingement. This could be from a fall she had at a young age. There is no permanent damage and the doctor believes that this will be able to be treated successfully. Thank you for your prayers for their family.

Our next stop was McLean, VA for our ABWE annual “Missionary Enrichment Conference” from Monday to Thursday. We enjoyed some preaching from the Word of God on the theme: “Broken Beggars under Grace”. We shared some special times together with Brian and Phyllis Hovey, and their new son Gunner. They have completed a two year short term in Chile, SA. They are now headed to Papua New Guinea for about five weeks, this year, to survey the possibility of working with our team of missionaries there. Please pray for this young family and the decisions that are before them.

We also had some personal fellowship with young and older missionary colleagues from all over the ABWE world. Hearing the stories of God’s working in and through our missionaries and national partners has surely brought glory to our heavenly Father. We also heard some amazing accounts of God’s grace in the Islamic world where tens of thousands have turned to Christ for salvation.

This past Thursday, we travelled to Greensboro, NC where we are staying at Community Baptist Church’s prophet’s chamber. Salem Baptist, our home and sending church, has a mission house available for us to use. We will be moving over there on Monday August 3rd. We will be based at Salem for our time of reporting to our supporters in this area. Our schedule is filling up before all of our supporters are contacted. This will require us to return to this area again in the spring of 2016.

In Christ’s love,
Steve and Sandy