Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in helping to share the love of Jesus with the Hewa tribal people of Papua New Guinea.

Thank you for praying for us as we taught the book of I Timothy to the Hewa church for the first time. It is such a foundational book for preparing godly men to lead the believers so we wanted to teach it carefully with a special emphasis on prayerful discipleship and nurturing of future leaders.
For the last several years it has been beautiful to watch the Lord impassioning six men and boys to become faithful teachers of the Word in Hewa. In an effort to pass the leadership baton, I have been teaching them newly translated Scripture in my office so that they can then teach the passages to the church.


As I was preparing to teach them I Timothy, I asked the teachers to each bring one believer to our sessions so they could disciple them toward teaching the Word. I thought a group of twelve would be plenty, but the Lord thought different. Imagine my surprise when an average of 20 men and boys gathered with me each day to prepare to teach the lessons to the church! They eagerly soaked up the principles of Timothy and then team-taught the 12 lessons in morning and evening sessions every day of the week.

And then, as if that was not enough, the young men were so excited about what they had learned they re-taught key passages of I Timothy for the next four church services! It is amazing to watch the Lord stirring their hearts with a passion for His Word. Thank you for investing in the lives of the Hewa believers.

Thank you for praying for Mikayla as she is here in PNG serving during her summer school break. We enjoyed her time with us in the tribe, and have now brought her to the NTM medical clinic near Goroka where she has begun her internship under the doctor. Please continue to pray the Lord will heal her neck and back as she struggles with daily pain.

While Mikayla was in Hewa one of the burdens the Lord gave her was to teach a purity class for the tribal girls. We felt this would be a wonderful blessing to the believers so Susan helped her teach two sessions to the teenagers and young adults. The timing was wonderful and the interest was so strong that both sessions were filled with questions and great discussions that lasted for more than two hours.

Please pray– Our co-workers, the Dunns, are on a medical furlough in the States. Please pray they find complete healing.

Please pray– Our son Micah fell and broke his jaw in three places while training to enter the Air Force. During surgery the doctors installed a titanium plate and wired his mouth nearly shut so now he is adjusting to eating his food through a straw. The Air Force told him he won’t be able to sign on until after six months of healing.

Praise the Lord with us for the continued hunger for God’s Word in Hewa. Pray faith in the Lord Jesus will spread over the Hewa mountains. Pray for others to join the cause of the unreached. Here is a new story about this.

Thank you for your love and prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful.
Jonathan, Susan Mikayla & Mikenna