What a privilege to be asked to sing at Jerry and Linda Yonnie’s 40th wedding anniversary party! I realized as I listened to the memories from their four now-grown children that the Yonnies have been a part of my life longer than my own mother was! When I first moved to New Mexico the Yonnies were just starting their ministry at Oak View Bible Church after Jerry graduated from Indian Bible College. For 6 years I sat under the ministry of Jerry as my pastor. Then they moved to Flagstaff so Jerry could take over the office of the president of Indian Bible College. Several years later I took them up on their invitation to join them and followed them to IBC. When they moved to Sanders, Arizona to reopen a church there, I stayed on at IBC, but our relationship continued.


Do you ever wonder if your life is making any difference for eternity? I do. God calls us to faithfulness, not necessarily “results,” I remind myself when this question comes up again. This weekend was one of renewed hope that God has used me in the past to make a difference. Working with the Yonnies in ministry I had opportunity to partner with them in God’s work in a number of lives. One of the ladies in attendance at the anniversary celebration was brought to Jesus through a combination of a ladies’ Bible study I taught, and Jerry’s preaching. She was at the anniversary celebration too.

After the celebration (yesterday) I drove over to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in New Mexico to encourage two of the girls in my Spiritual Formation group at IBC who are serving as counselors this summer. Once again I encountered people from the past in whose lives God has used me. One young lady came up to me after church (in Gallup) today and asked if I remembered the Bible she held in her hand. She opened the front to reveal my hand-written note to her from 1985. I had given her that Bible. Another young lady explained to her teen-aged daughter that I was the one who “planted the seeds” in her life that were at least partially instrumental in her trusting Christ.

Sometimes we see “fruit,” and sometimes it seems as though nothing is happening in the lives of those we touch. Sometimes it takes years. Please pray with me that God would use me to make people thirsty for Him at Indian Bible College and wherever He places me.

The beginning of this month is busy with travel. Wednesday (July 3) I leave for Wichita, Kansas, to spend a little time with my aunt. July 7 I fly to Columbia, S.C. for a class on Islam. July 13th I fly back to Wichita. July 15 I drive to Kansas City to attend the four-day National Worship Leaders Conference. Lord willing, I’ll be driving back to Flagstaff on July 19 and 20. I’d appreciate your prayers for travel safety, good use of time as I drive, good visits along the way, and that God would use the class and conference in my life as He sees fit.

Praise God that the sciatic nerve is much, much better than it was. I am so relieved and grateful!

Vacation Bible School went fairly well. We had over 200 kids in attendance.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support as the Lord provides and directs. You are such a blessing to me!!