Dear Ministry Partners,

As we write this letter we trust that your summer is going well. Ours has gone well and we have enjoyed some of the things the Lord has allowed us to be a part of this past month.

Our trip to Ohio went as planned as we were able to make our way out there the first part of June. Along the way we stopped off in Dayton to visit Jeanne’s sister, Janet, and her family. It was good to see them again after a number of years. Then the weekend of the 9th we had a great time in Jeanne’s home church where we were able to touch base once again with family and friends, and also had the evening service to give an update of our ministry in Asia Pacific. It was then back to Dayton where we picked up Jeanne’s sister and brought her along with us back to Nebraska as she wanted to spend some time with her mom whom she had not seen for nearly three years. Janet was able to spend three weeks here and just left back for Dayton this past Saturday.

After returning from Ohio we were back into the book of Genesis doing the last chapters of the initial comprehension check. We are glad to report that we were able to finish that check and make the revisions! This check gave me a greater appreciation for the book of Genesis and some the complicated things in this book to translate. Even though it has been a challenge the Lord used these Scriptures to teach us and our co-workers as we worked our way though them. We are now back in the initial chapters of Genesis and doing what we call a “read check”. With this check we have our Wana co-workers read the translated Scripture back to us and we follow along to see how well it is flowing and if there are areas where they stumble. It is also another check where we pick up things that may not be as clear as it could be so another vital part of the translation process. So it is back to mornings and evenings going back through this once again!

Many have asked when I will be returning to Asia Pacific. I am presently in the process of making plans and reservations to depart on September 19 and will be returning to the USA on November 3. We will appreciate your prayers as it seems there are always many things to do in preparation for making these trips. The first weeks I will be spending in Asia Pacific as we will be conducting a Wana church leadership conference, visiting various Wana churches, and also I will be involved in making a number of consultant visits with some other missionary teams. I have then been asked by our field to attend some leadership meetings and seminars in Thailand so the final two weeks of my trip will be spent in up Thailand. The purpose of these seminars is to better equip all of us as field leaders in our jobs as leaders and consultants. Again Jeanne and I will appreciate your prayers as we make plans to send me off once again!

Jeanne and I also want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for you prayers this past month. We are continually reminded of the importance of team work and how impossible this job would be without such good workers as you. Thank you so much.


Ed & Jeanne Casteel

 “Babysitting the grandkids”