Mount Elimbari 9,250 ft 

Dear Friends,

My recent 5 day trip to Elimbari was quite a mixture of experiences. I thought I would be teaching church leaders for 3 days and then speak to the whole congregation on Sunday morning. Wrong! The congregation wanted to meet every morning from 8:00-10:00 and then I met with the leaders from 10:30 to 12:30 and we met in the evenings too. Needless to say, my well seemed dry. I rejoiced to see the church still going strong, but they need to spread the Gospel and plant new churches.




Hotel Elimbari

We will be leaving for Cairns, Australia on soon. We should get back into the country about the 25th and spend 5 nights in our capital, Port Moresby, to meet with various people about the possibility of moving down there in 2015. Pray for wisdom.

I was able to send three books to a printer in Hong Kong. The first two are in simple English with Papua New Guinea illustrations and the third book is in Pidgin English, for Leadership development. We don’t have all the money to pay for these yet, but the Lord is sending in gifts towards printing them. We’re printing 2,500 of each book. (We have two more books of simple English Bible lessons translated, but they still need a lot of work done on them).

Kathy had a pretty bad case of cellulitis that settled in her lower calf. The next day she was able to get 3 bottles of saline in her with antibiotics. She has a 10 day course of antibiotics to take, but she is already much better, and was given the green light to return to work.

We’re praying about taking our next home assignment in March of 2014. It seems a long way off, but the time has a way of going faster than we expect.

Wade and Deanne Ebersole will be joining our department when they return to PNG in September. They are coming back as empty nesters, so pray for them and their kids to adjust okay. They are veteran missionaries from here and they have already been a great help to us.

In Christ’s love,
Jim and Kathy Tanner

New baby girl born