Dear Co-Laborers,

We trust this letter finds you well and that you enjoyed the July 4 weekend. It is hard to believe that this is already our 240th anniversary as a country. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were celebrating the 200th year…..I guess that tells a little about our age. We are surely grateful for our service men and women who have given their lives over those 240 years to maintain the freedoms that we so much enjoy as a country.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for the outreach at the village of “Oak Tree.” The pilot made another trip in there last week. We are excited about all the new developments there, and for the 5 families already asking to be taught the word of God. Of course this area has a lot of people so the potential is huge. The Wana church at the village of “Wo’o nTowu” has really gotten behind this work and has been sending teams of men over to help with both the building of their houses and also the making of a large dugout canoe which will be used for travel and supply. The canoe has been made and the Lord is graciously supplying them with an outboard motor for this. It is so amazing to me how they take a chain saw to do all the rough work of hollowing the log and then use their machetes and hand wood planes to do the finishing touches. They sure have an eye to keep everything straight and even. Last week’s flight saw some of the church leadership flying over just to check on the team and see how everything is going for them. We are thankful too for how the church leadership is taking responsibility for this team. These are some of the things we as a missionary team have been working toward for over the past thirty five years and it is all very exciting for us to see and be a part of!

Other news – We have another Wana family and two single gals who are working cross culturally in the Da’a Tribe. They will be putting in a clean water system to the village this month which entails laying 500 meters of flex pipe and making 3 water cisterns. Besides meeting a huge physical need of the villagers our team is hoping that this will also improve their relationships with them as they hope to begin sharing the gospel in the not too distant future. Then news in the Provincial capital is that we are opening up our first dorm for Wana school kids this coming semester. The majority of these kids are either in high school or college as those schools are not available in Wana land. One of our Wana missionary families has been selected be the dorm parents so we will appreciate your prayers for them as they step into unchartered waters and as they mentor these kids while they are away from home.

As a family we are really looking forward to Geoff and Tina coming back to the USA for home assignment the middle of August. It has been over two years since we have last seen them so you can imagine how excited we are. We will appreciate your prayers for Jeanne as she has not been feeling on top of things lately. She has had a lot of insomnia and also a holter monitor reveals that she has an arrhythmia. We will be seeing the cardiologist to see what his advice will be for her.

We thank you again for being a faithful part of our team through your prayers and support. We want you to know that this job would not be possible without the involvement of folks like you. The Wana continually remind us that they appreciate those who have sent us to work with them. Thank you so much!

Ed & Jeanne Casteel